People dying because of Trump's failure in public health, says Chelsea Clinton.

People dying because of Trump's failure in public health, says Chelsea Clinton.

    "The country's ability to cope with the pandemic has been weakened by Trump's cuts in public health infrastructure," he said.
    The former first daughter of Chelsea Clinton announced her death amid the Coronavirus crisis thanks to the "failure of health, leadership and humanity" by US President Donald Trump.

    After the US President warned Americans not to prepare for a "difficult two-week period" as new projections suggest that between 100,000 and 240,000 people could die from the disease even with social media measures, Clinton attacked the president on Twitter, The Independent reported.
    A post is reversed showing Trump in front of a chart showing a possible death when he warned citizens of disaster in the next two weeks.
    The President of the United States has received widespread criticism for being slow to request potential viral effects.
    On Tuesday, the number of injuries in the United States exceeded 180,000, bringing the death toll to 3,800.

    Clinton may be a public health expert saying herself in Option to CNN that the country's ability to deal with the outbreak has been weakened by Trump's cuts to public health infrastructure.      

    Chelsea Clinton | Clinton Foundation

    As Vice President of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton works side by side with the Foundation's leaders and partners to help create economic opportunities, improve public health, and improve public relations and reform in the United States and around the world. on the whole. Chelsea is focused on advancing early thinking and language development through small initiatives to fail, develop and support women entrepreneurs and leading women companies around the world through expertise as Women in Wireless Networking (WIRE). . He has also served on the Clinton Health Access Committee as well as on the Health Alliance.

    In addition to working for his ministry, Chelsea also teaches at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and has published several books for young readers, including New York's Best Sellers: 13 American Women who Changed the World and Continued the World Tour, Also Called "Start Now! You Can Show"; "Do Not Hide It" and "That World: Keep It Informed, Inspired and Fresh." He has also written "The Book of a Depressed Woman" and "Grandma's Garden" with his mother Hillary Clinton and the book "Managing Global Health: Who Controls the Universe and Why?" With Devi Sridhar.

    Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University, a Master of Public Health from the School of Public Health in Colombia, a Master of Philosophy and a PhD in Diplomacy from Oxford University. She lives with her husband Mark and children Charlotte, Aidan, Jasper and dog Suren in New York City.   

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