Whoopi Goldberg: 'Maybe it's time for me' to leave the U.S.

    "The View" co-host Wednesday's Whoopi Goldberg told a conceivable Donald Trump administration flags that "maybe now is the right time" for her to move out of the country.
    Ms. Goldberg was referring to an individual case by co-holding Joy Behar that the Republican presidential leader "has several Democratic propensities on the off chance you see his record."


    "Tune in, he can be whatever faction he wants to be," added Ms. Goldberg, as suggested by a clasp that Breitbart News received. "What he can't be is that he can't be the guy who says it isn't working with your blame stuff. That's not the president I need. Find out how to make it work."   

    "Be that as it may be, you can't say, 'Goodness, you're Lebanese, or you're black, or you're Mexican, or you're a woman.' Stop blaming anyone. "Furthermore, if you can fix it, I'm going to listen in to what you need to say. The moment you start pointing and claiming the person is an intruder and a murderer, I'm annoyed because I've been a piece of that when they just use a sweeping declaration to talk about dark people, or when they use a sweeping articulation to talk about white people or ladies or some other gathering.   

    "I don't believe America is that. I don't need it to be America. Maybe it's the perfect opportunity for me to travel, you know," she said.
    "Don't try to say that," Behar said.
    "I've been an American general, and this has been my nation consistently, and we have generally had the capacity to have discourses," she said. "What's more, all of a sudden it's changing into, you know, 'not them, not them.' And you know, we've got a lot of companions whose guardians see that as of now. They'd rather not remember that. They'd prefer not to remember that. So I'll take every possibility to make some type of breakthrough.   

    Ms. Behar included: "Maybe I may be gullible, but I trust that, at the end of the day, the American people will not vote for this kind of xenophobia, the way they cast a ballot twice for President Obama, twice for President Clinton, people like that. I sincerely trust that they will wake up. What's more, you know what, [Mr. Trump] can't win without 40% of the Hispanics.    
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    1. Whoopi and Joy should start looking for new homes, I'm sure De Niro would love to have them move to Italy with him. Adios!!!