‘I Hope He DIES’: Obama Administration Official Attacks Trump After Covid-19 Diagnosis


    Venomous liberals exploded upon hearing the news that President Trump and the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19 and responded with a shameful outpouring of pure hate.

    Ex-staffers for former President Barack Obama and for the failed presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren lined up to mock and attack President Trump on Thursday night following the news he tested positive for COVID-19.


    Zara Rahim, a former Obama administration official who also worked on Clinton’s presidential campaign, appeared to reference the president’s diagnosis on Twitter, writing: “It’s been against my moral identity to tweet this for the past four years, but, I hope he ✨ dies ✨”

    Zara Rahim used to work for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. https://t.co/EXazlnWwbF pic.twitter.com/ildHZs4cX2

    — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) October 2, 2020

    Rahim also retweeted someone who wrote “No” in response to the following tweet from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: “God bless the president and the first lady. If you pray, please pray for their speedy and complete recovery — and for everyone infected, everywhere. This virus is horrific and merciless — no one would wish its wrath on anyone. We must get its spread under control. Enough.”

    Rahim added: “2 thoughts •I’m totally blown away by the almost instant conspiracy theories coming from the LEFT • i don’t get the upside of faking a positive result 33 days before the election *if* he’s interested in a 2nd term. Announcing quarantine to a base who think COVID is fake, WHY? *Let me be clear* I put absolutely nothing out of the realm of possibility with this f***er, but as a strategist maybe I am blind to the f***ery.”

    Former Warren campaign staffer Max Berger wrote: “Praying Our President doesn’t die of the preventable illness that he inflicted upon millions of Americans.”

    “I can’t think of anything more distasteful than wishing death upon another human, except maybe causing preventable mass death because you don’t want to damage the stock market or your reelection chances,” Berger continued. “All jokes aside, I hope the President injects himself with bleach.”

    “Trump did this to himself,” he continued. “He inflicted this same misfortune upon millions of others. He’s a corrupt, white supremacist criminal who’s responsible for more American deaths than 9/11 and the wars in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and WWI combined. No one should feel bad for him.”

    Berger continued: “I hope everyone will respond to the news that Trump has the virus with the same amount of tact and compassion he would show to you. I hope the virus treats Trump as well as he’s treated everyone his whole life. I hope Trump gets the kind of medical treatment he’s been trying to deny to millions of Americans. I hope we express exactly as much public sympathetic for Trump’s plight as he has for the 200,000 families who’ve lost someone to this pandemic. Who’s pain matters is a political question. Who we should sympathize with is a political question. Trump has destroyed millions of lives. He deserves none of our sympathies.”


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